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exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of Modern Art, Washington D.C., and the Los Angeles Museum of Art while a College of Graphic Arts and Photography student at RIT.








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"An Architect's Guide to Commissioning Architectural Photography" "Waco, TX area architectural, aerial, and interior design photography specialists."

Paul Chaplo, MFA, BFA, BA

Architectural Photographer: AIA, DAIA, TSA Affiliated

Amon Carter expansion by Chaplo, Architectural Photographers, Dallas, Texas metroplex 

Amon Carter Museum expansion, Fort Worth, Texas
Philip Johnson & Alan Ritchie, Architects 
Paul Chaplo, Photographer
Original print: 24x30 inches from 4x5 inch original, digital scan/conversion/retouching by Chaplo.

Architectural Photography Dallas Ft. Worth TX Architectural Photographers TexasLarge Format Photography Dallas, TX Texas Architecture PhotographsBuilding Photography, Dallas, TX Fort Worth, TX Museum Interior Design TEXAS
Compare these color details to the final print above. 
Chaplo personally executed digital retouching to "remove" the security light 
from the top right corner of the building, metal fence-posts from around the trees 
in the foreground, and distracting elements from the road.

Paul Chaplo specializes in architectural photography of both interiors and exteriors for architects, interior designers, contractors, building material manufacturers, realtors, and other professionals. We also fly high-resolution aerial architectural photography missions. Chaplo offers integrated imaging services for all your visual marketing needs - we do it all from aerials to digital enhancement! We are based near the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas metroplex and accept both USA / domestic and international assignments to photograph finished buildings as well as construction-in-progress, and before-and-after picture sequences. Using professional-grade large format (4X5 in), medium format (6X7cm) and 35 mm camera equipment, Paul Chaplo produces breathtaking architectural photographs that feature perspective control, color correction, and fine digital retouching suitable for fine reproduction in four and six color publications, trade show exhibits, marketing collateral pieces, and electronic media including websites. Our goal is to create memorable architectural photographs that have the strength to stand independently as powerful images that long remain in the memory of the viewer.

West ISD, TX K-12 Exterior Architectural Photograph (c) 2001 Paul Chaplo, M.F.A. Photo Tarleton University Science Facility Planetarium Dome Construction Photograph (c) 2001 Paul Chaplo, Texas -- College Facility Photography, also serving Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Interior Photographers of Schools, Educational Architecture Photo (c) 2001 Paul Chaplo, Editorial Photographers Interior Photograph of K-12 School Architecture -- we also do middle, elementary by Paul Chaplo (c) 2001

As a photographer, Paul Chaplo is mindful of your project's visual form and practical function, and knows that your upscale business depends on communication with your owners and marketing prospects. Our photography will enhance your current architectural and interior design marketing and sales efforts with world-class images. With so much riding on architectural photographs that represent your  multi-million dollar projects, we deliver quality images worthy of representing your design, engineering, construction, and project management accomplishments. An architectural photograph can bring even a 500,000 sq. ft. project, located hundreds or thousands of miles away, into the conference room, allowing you to effectively market to new customers for new commissions.  When it comes to such critical interior, exterior and aerial architectural photography work, call on Paul Chaplo, M.F.A. -- we serve Waco, TX, the Dallas, Texas metroplex, the Western United States, and beyond!

Photography of Architecture and Interior Design, Dallas, TX Commercial Photographers Texas

One Glen Lake, Dallas, TX
by Paul Chaplo, M.F.A. 2008

We also provide digital design, retouching, and enhancing services to fine-tune your architectural photography for various applications: publication, back-lit transparencies, giant photographic prints, or an updated project folder to market to a new potential client. Also, web-cam consulting is available to show project building construction progress via the internet. We offer all types of commercial photography for architectural firms, interior design firms and other affiliated corporations such as developers, including on-location executive portraiture of principals, annual report photography, product photography, and special event coverage such as ribbon cuttings. Make Paul Chaplo your Waco area architectural and aerial photographer of choice. 

Sanger High School, Sanger, TX
by  Paul Chaplo 2008 (note: this is some of our latest work from late October 2007)

Our capabilities include architectural model photography (using our mobile studio and digital enhancement for the ultimate in design proposal presentations), interactive tours (including virtual reality using QuickTime VR), aerial photography, and digital graphic design services for trade show exhibits and competition entries. We offer integrated imaging services to fulfill all your image-based marketing needs.

by Paul Chaplo, M.F.A.

Dallas, TX Retouching services (c)2002 CHAPLO, Texas Architectural Photographer Retouched photograph Dallas, Texas and USA 2002 Chaplo, Texas Photographer

BEFORE: Note the clutter in foreground

Columbia River Dairy, Boardman, Oregon
by Paul Chaplo, MFA 2008

AFTER: A retouched, clean view by Chaplo

Paul Chaplo, M.F.A. offers complete digital retouching services. We can remove unwanted objects and image flaws, level the horizon, and correct for accurate color balance, exposure, and contrast. Using state of the art digital tools, we can do amazing manipulations to correct and enhance images to make them more presentable. Also, we can create and insert digital graphics such as your company's logo -- right inside the image area! Paul Chaplo can scan your images or  work with your existing digital files to create a retouched masterpiece. We know how to prepare your image files for a variety of high-quality outputs, including large scale digital display prints for your offices and trade shows. Paul Chaplo will help you look your best in print and display. Call or email us today!

" Whether you need a dramatic cover shot, a visual tour, 
or photographs that show your building fulfilling its function, 
Chaplo delivers well-crafted images that fit your needs."

Sanger High School, Sanger, TX
hotograph by Paul Chaplo 2008

by Paul Chaplo, M.F.A.

Chaplo also offers aerial photography from both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. 
We cover the entire USA, including the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex area, the state of Texas, and the western states. We can base rotary and fixed-wing aircraft near your project almost anywhere for aerial photography missions! Aerial photography provides a great overview that is tremendous in creating a visual statement that shows context and scale from an unparalleled viewpoint:

Aerial Photography Texas Dallas, TX (c)2002 CHAPLO Texas Photographer 
Denali Range, Ruth Glacier, near Mt. McKinley, Alaska
Aerial Photography: Paul Chaplo (b. Wright-Patterson US Air Force Base, Dayton, OH)
Fixed-wing aircraft support: K2 Aviation, Talkeetna, AK 

"This is a view looking towards the peak of McKinley, which is visible in the upper part of the picture, just
to the left of center (about 30 miles away - we had amazing visibility on this flight!)." -Paul 
Find out more about our expanded aerial photography services on our recently updated
AERIAL page.

by Paul Chaplo, M.F.A.

We offer integrated film and digital services to fit all your imaging needs, and are familiar with the needs of aggressive, innovative companies that demand the highest quality images. Let us show you how Chaplo can dovetail with your marketing and sales departments, help you prepare for that big trade show, and upgrade your firm's image through world-class photography.

2002 CHAPLO Architectural Photographers Texas, Dallas, TX

Steelworkers, Mansfield High School (near Dallas, Texas)
Black & White Photography by Paul Chaplo

Simply send us an email or call our metro number below. We will meet with you, review your needs, provide complimentary expert consulting, and give you a rapid estimate. With Chaplo, everything is easier! If you have projects in other states, we are ready to fly!

Aerial Photography Dallas, TX Fort Worth, Texas Photographs by Paul Chaplo, M.F.A., Professional Photographer helicopters & fixed-wing aircraft

Harris Methodist Southwest Hospital: New Development (Fort Worth, Texas)
Aerial Photography by Paul Chaplo, M.F.A., Dallas, TX 2008

If you need immediate service, please contact us first via telephone, so we can check our production schedule, and work to accommodate your request.

"We enjoy exploring the spaces that you have designed:
to see design, materials and construction quality come together
in the reality of a building. This is where we look for signature views."
Aledo High School, Aledo, TX
Photo by Paul Chaplo 2008

"INTEGRATED IMAGING SERVICES: We are proficient in color, black & white, film & digital! We execute the original photography, then prepare your images for all applications: print, web, and display. Whether you need publication-quality photography for a new marketing brochure, new images for your  trade show exhibit, tasteful prints for your conference room,  illustrations for your corporate annual report, updated jpegs for your website, digital retouching of an exterior prior to landscaping, aerial photography, views from a crane, or a drum scan of a large format image that has the quality for billboard-size enlargement, we do it all!" 
- Paul Chaplo, MFA, BFA, BA


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